Illuminated LED sign laser cut plans – resizeable


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You’ll probably want to change the actual sign though

Made of MDF and acrylic.


Some info is given on the actual plan

a) Cut front section – red lines are just scores to add some detail – remove them or add something else

b) cut middle sections.  You need to cut one in 4mm mdf and 2 in 3mm mdf.  These are glued together giving a piece 10mm deep.  LED strips are 10mm wide.

c) cut back section, base and acrylic (make sure acrylic is 4mm thick – cast acrylic works better if you are going to infill the engraved part of your design)

d) glue middle sections – keep the 4mm one in the middle

e) glue middle section to inside of FRONT section

f) spray it all colour of your choice

g) add some 10mm neoprene strips around the inside rims.  The acrylic sign will rest on these

h) place led tape against the side wall of the middle and front sections (which are now glued together)  There should be a tiny gap where it will slot in behond the neoprene tape

i) place your acrylic sign in

h) screw on the back (13mm screws are good for this)